Source: Stephen A.Quaye - Many International Travelers and Ghanaians in North America may not visit Ghana this yuletide it has been learnt.

Instead, they are heading to the South American country, Cuba, where they will spend the Christmas and the New Year there.
This is because their dream of getting discount air fares from the international airlines to enable them visit the country is shattered.

It is causing a lot of frustration for many hundreds of travelers who would like to visit various destinations in Africa especially Ghana to enjoy the yuletide there and return to their foreign destinations after.

On November 19, 2015, a story sourced to one Zoe Forson announced "British Airways offers special discount deals" to would be travelers and holiday makers to London, Europe and North America for a limited time only.

Accordingly, the airline announced fares for World Traveler seats from Dollars 1,334 to London, Dollars 1,400 to Paris and Rome, and Dollars 1,568 to Washington, New York or Boston or Toronto.
It continued that world traveler plus fares started from just Dollars 1,951 to London and Dollars 2,141 to New York and Washington as Kevin Leung, British Airways Commercial Manager for Ghana explained that the offer was a reward for customers in Ghana for the year 2015.

This many travelers and holiday makers in North America have described as nothing but expensive airfares therefore shunning their bid to book reservations with the airline to travel from some cities in North America to Ghana.
Usually, Ghanaians and international holiday makers who want to spend the festive occasions in Ghana book their reservations on British Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, KLM or Air Canada and have their transit flight from London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam to Kotoka International Airport in Accra.
But hundreds of these travelers and holiday makers are now switching to Ethiopia Airlines because of the frustrating six hours transit waits before connecting flights from European airports to Accra.

Because these airlines are not coming out with discount sales for the yuletide, holiday makers and travelers are considering booking reservations on other airlines to Cuba.
It was discovered that some reservations as published in newspapers was as low as seven hundred dollars for a round trip from Toronto to Cuba which included accommodation, breakfast and supper, transportation and tour guides.

With this, a special appeal has been issued to various airlines to consider coming out with discount sales that will cover the yuletide for holiday makers and travelers in Canada and America who wants to travel to Ghana to be able to book their reservations or lose their market here.


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