Source: - Citi Business News has gathered that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has settled on Qatar Airways as the best option for Ghana in its quest to find a partner for the new national carrier. 

Citi Business News has learnt PWC in its final feasibility report submitted to the transport ministry also named 7 other airlines including Delta and South African airlines as good options for Ghana.
The airlines were chosen based on their financial capacity, network, and technical expertise.

But Qatar Airways was ranked as the best airline which can partner government to establish a sound, profitable and viable airline which can compete internationally.

Speaking to Citi Business News Chief Director of the Ministry of Transport Twumasi Ankrah-Selby said government is yet to publish its request for proposals from interested parties.

“The consultant assisting government have finished with their feasibility and in that report they did an analysis on airlines as possible airline based on certain criteria that government can partner.

This include the financial strength, network capacity of the airlines, the global alliance capacity of the airline and based on this they had about eight or more airlines including Qatar, Delta, Ethiopia, Kenya and others and they did an analysis of that and they ranked Qatar as first based on their criteria set which is in terms of the work that they did.”

He adds that ‘ i can say that there has not been any formal engagement with Qatar as to government to partnering them at this stage.

This is because they are now doing what we call the market scanning or the road show talking to some of these airlines; therefore at this stage we haven’t reached that conclusion where we are saying that government is partnering Qatar airways’.
Chief Director of the Ministry of Transport Twumasi Ankrah-Selby said.


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