Source: Daily Graphic Ghana - Domestic carrier, Starbow, is hopeful its double achievements in September this year will help enhance its corporate image and subsequently lead to increased patronage for its services by the travelling public.

Source: - Government is expected to engage Qatar Airways for a partnership that should lead to the setting up of Ghana’s new national carrier, officials have hinted.

The option is based on an advice by the consultant that assisted government to complete a feasibility study.

Source: - Citi Business News has gathered that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has settled on Qatar Airways as the best option for Ghana in its quest to find a partner for the new national carrier. 

Citi Business News has learnt PWC in its final feasibility report submitted to the transport ministry also named 7 other airlines including Delta and South African airlines as good options for Ghana.

Source: B&FT Ghana - The contruction of a regional airport at Ho, capital of the Volta Region, is expected to boost tourism in a region endowed with so many tourists attraction. The potential of the region to attract a large number of in-country and foreign tourists is not in doubt.
Perhaps after the Central Region, it is the second-most endowed region in terms of tourism sites --- waterfalls, forests, animal sanctuaries among others.